We appreciate our clients’ computer literacy which saves their time and money, therefore it much more convenient to send queries using electronic CAD medium. As well we can assist our client to compose computer drawings. The equipments used in our company are completely computerized and during the cutting process use digital drawings, e.e. mediums of the CAD basis. After receiving of medium with electronic drawing we can fulfill an order much quicker because in this case the work of designer will be excluded. As well we have possibility to adjust to the production process the following electronics mediums: cdr, bmp, jpg, gif. Electronic drawings will be prepared, depending on their complexity, within one or two days. If you prefer to expedite the process you may use files with ready made drawings and prints prepared by our staff. The drawing will be made free of charge if: 1) the order costs more then 500 Lt; 2) if the order fulfillment may be more then two weeks.

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