For business clients

CAD projection services

If it is necessary to make a drawing top urgently, to calculate price and material quantity you have to keep in mind that we work to assist you. Delivery of the drawing in CAD format quickens production process but is not necessary it will be enough to pass a sketch, photo, to announce measurements, to pass sweep or broken part sample (even broken one) on the basis of which we will prepare a drawing and you will go fly a kite for anything else. We simply inform you when the order will be completed. As well, we will distribute items on a raw material in order to maximize production and to economize your material.

Ready made drawings and letterings file-cabinet.

In order to make easier acceptance and production of not hard-and-fast orders we would like to offer you to look through the most interesting drawings and letterings on our file-cabinet with a help of which you can point out necessary lettering, drawing or unit of several drawings’ fragments which you would like to be included in the order. This way can be used as a start point and final decision certainly can be quite different.

Ideas catalog regarding souvenirs

Do you like to make presents to your colleges, managers and partners in reference of approaching company’s anniversary or to present them some original nominal or decorative souvenirs or prizes? Have a look at our ready made drawings and letterings still you have some doubts regarding a choice or some other nuances remains? Maybe you will get a push after a glimpse to our catalog of manufactured souvenirs?

For existing customers

The life is moving forward. And we are ahead! If yesterday we were completing your order good today we complete them perfectly. I yesterday our services were not very expensive today we surprise you with decent discounts. And that is for one reason – we want to see your shine faces again and again. Being our constant customers you are obtaining the right for urgent fulfillment of your orders, for acceptance of the orders without waiting a turn and for the marked discounts.