Water Jet technology allows quickly, qualitatively and precisely to cut hard, fragile (breakable) and compound materials under processing. This method practically allows cutting of all materials: metal, ceramic, stone, glass, plastic, wood and all other materials except shatterproof glass.

Advantage of water jet technology:

  • Measurements of the cutting table 4445 mm x 2235 mm
  • Cut margin of error ± 0.1 mm
  • Minimum cut thickness 0,762 mm
  • Maximum cut thickness 200 mm
  • There is no area affected by heat during cutting process
  • Absence of self tempering process at the cutting area
  • Absence of the plastic deformation at the cutting area
  • Narrowness and preciseness of the cut allows using maximum of a raw material
  • Cutting process proceeds with a constant speed
  • The constant angle is kept during cutting process
  • The structure of cut material remains without changers
  • Computerized cutting machine process control precisely fulfills even heavy-duty geometrical cut
  • There are no dust and smoke during cutting process
  • The technology is absolutely ecological because it uses only water

Quality of cut

Pjovimo kokybė yra atvirkščiai proporcinga pjovimo greičiui. Tai yra: kuo lėčiau pjaunama, tuo pasiekiama geresnė kokybė.

There are 5 (five) quality levels which are clearly reflected in these pictures.

In all foots cutting process there were spent the same time for each foot to cut out. Therefore in order to get a better quality the cut speed is reduced. Forasmuch a price directly depends on cutting time, it is increasing as well. There are situations when top quality is required and there are situations when is much cheaper to process additionally material surface by usual means then try to get perfect quality during cutting process.

In this picture we see how appears a certain roughness on thick materials when cutting at highest speed (the lowest price). This roughness appears because of a certain thickness of the outgoing spray. In case when a precise cut is required the cutting is decelerated (the cutting speed is decreased).

Description of water jet cut process.

Water jet cutting is computerized cold cutting technology, with a help of which there is possibility to process the majority of materials according to a drawing of two dimensions. Marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, linoleum, vinyl, and all kind of metal can be very easy processed by water jet system. This process is very precise, do not cause thermal deformation and do not temper metal. Any drawing which can be drawn by computer may be used to cut a chosen material. The other technologies simply do not allow processing of the materials like stone, porcelain or stainless steel according to complicated drawings.

What is a cutting process by water jet and sand?

Water jet machine has two main components: coordination device which moves cutting head along x-y-z axes over processing material and water jet pump which generates 3500 atmospheres pressure. Under this pressure only water spray can cut plastic, foam, wood, rubber and similar soft materials. The cutting head has a spray with a jewel (round plate of sapphire or diamond) which has 0,5 mm hole, through this hole water flowing with a speed two times exceeding speed of sound. The movements of the spray are controlled by computer in conformity with instructions of the nominated drawing. When machine is processing materials like metal, stone, ceramic or glass water is mixed together with special abrasive (garnet sand) in the same spray. Gained abrasive water jet with stronger erosive effect does not make pressure or heat influence to material under processing.

The water jet cutting system is a turning-point in production methods of industrial and architectural practice. This method, depending on material thickness and complexity of a cut, has more advantages against cutting by plasma, gas or laser. As well, this method can be alternative to moulding method and can be used for cutting of materials where traditional methods have been not acceptable for processing.

The advantage of this method against traditional methods of cutting is not limited by low price and speed: it allows cutting according to heavy-duty drawings and elements like inner angles, channels, architectural and artistical works. Cutting is not only quick and speedy but very precise as well. Forasmuch a cutting process is under computer control in conformity with CAD drawings it offers an ideal repetition possibility, what cannot be offered using the other methods of cutting. This method is ideal cutting compound materials or plastic which do not tolerate heat or mechanical damage, as well as in cases when is difficult to approach to cutting surface.

Consideration for environment

Water jet cutting system is absolutely friendly to environment. The process itself is clean it does not make dust, cutting, smithereens or chemical air pollution. As well there are any cutting lubricants and emulsions used in processing – only water, sand and electricity.