Histories of success

Prizes for fishermen
It is a great pleasure to have possibility of own contribution to fishermen holiday and to see happy faces of participants. Our contribution was production of prizes: figures of different kind of fishes like needlefish, flounder etc, cut of few millimeters thickness stainless steel, cupper and brass plates.

A gift for colleges
Personnel of the Wavin concern Lithuanian Derpartment decided to make some original gifts to Estonian colleges for ten years anniversary of their Company. We assist to concretize an idea, and made some offers so, they have chosen stylized pipe made of toned glass, because it corresponds to their production, and lettering compound with polished stainless steel figure of ten and sole.

New part production on the basis of the old sample.
Once when lift gear of windlass device has been broken, the staff of the plant have not lost themselves and applied to us. As far as they brought to us a sample of the broken part the new one has been cut very quickly from 35 mm thickness steel.

Mayor of Klaipeda has been presented by invitation card to Jazz Festival
Our Company the third year patronizes Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival and produces original prizes for musicians and original invitation cards for the guests.